Why our Skin is Important

The skin is the largest organ, and it covers and protects the entire body.Without skin, people’s muscles, bones, and organs would have no support.  Skin holds everything together and contains lots of tissues each doing a different job.

It protects our bodies from the dangers of the harsh environment and helps keep our bodies at just the right temperature and allows us to have the sense of touch.


Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter is an all-natural, pure, very stable and highly concentrated fat extract from cocoa beans. It melts at body temperature, so it easily penetrates deeply into the skin.
Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter can be used as is, to moisturize face and body. It can also be mixed with other natural products. Here is how our Cocoa Butter will help your skin.

  • Nourishes and Hydrates

Cocoa butter contains a high percentage of fatty acids which will deeply moisturize the skin. Since it is free of any water and chemical solvent, Oh My Cocoa Butter will not evaporate, instead, it will bring deep long-lasting nourishment and moisturizing. It will also be your preferred moisturizer for dry winters.

  • Decreases Visible Signs of Aging

Oh My Organic Cocoa butter is made of several antioxidants, including polyphenols, which help to fight the free radicals well known to be the main cause of skin degeneration as they destroy skin cells. Cocoa butter has a higher concentration of antioxidants than most of the anti-ageing products on the market.

  • Rejuvenates Skin

As it penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and nourishes cells from within, Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter will protect your skin from environmental pollution, from the sun’s UV rays, and daily exposure to chemicals cause of oxidative stress on skin cells. Polyphenols promote collagen production, the main structural protein found in the skin, which maintains elasticity, glow, and youthful looking skin. You will be amazed to see fine lines and wrinkles gently fade over time.

  • Soothes Wounds, Rashes, and Infections

Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter will treat light burns, wounds, rashes, and infected skin by nourishing deep skin tissues and bringing in lots of antioxidants to boost immunity and quicker healing. It will be effective in alleviating the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis as well as other skin irritations and inflammation.

  • Reduces Scars, Pigmentation, Discoloration and Stretch Marks 

This is a very popular use of Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter’s astonishing healing potential. It naturally restores collagen and damaged connective tissues. You will be happily surprised by the result.

  • Smoother Shave and Healthy Skin

A perfect natural shaving cream, Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter offers you a smooth and clean shave. With a rich protective layer of healthy fat, it will help prevent the all too common nicks and cuts and will leave your skin fresh and irritation free. As it melts easily in warm water, it will not clog drains and canalizations.

  • Prevents Chapped Lips

Oh My Organic Cocoa Butter is an emollient which helps to soothe, soften, and protect delicate skin tissues. Use it as a natural lip balm and say goodbye to chapped lips.




  • Moisturizes the skin

Oh My Organic Mango Butter rich in anti-oxidants, in stearic acid, a saturated fatty acid, and in oleic acid, a mono unsaturated omega-9 acid, is a natural beauty butter ideal to keep the skin healthy, hydrated and well moisturized. Our Mango butter will also help to treat dry patches, flaking, roughness, and itchiness. It is particularly recommended for sensitive skins.
Natural vitamin A will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin the youthful glow that you have been dreaming of, while vitamin C will give it a plump and tighter look

  • Treatment of skin disorders

Many also use the natural ingredients in Mango Butter to combat rashes, sunburns, and minor wounds and cuts. Some use it to calm insect’s bites and even poison ivy. Its natural stearic acid content is good for wound healing and eventual restoration of skin health.

  • Clearing out of blemishes

A great maintenance cream, Oh My organic Mango Butter will help fading and clearing out minor blemishes, dark spots and fine lines or wrinkles.

  • Soothing effect

Our Mango Butter is also widely used as massage oil, you will love its mild scent and benefit from its natural contents. Naturally smooth on the skin you will enjoy it for whole body massages.

An organic, natural, untreated, chemical free skin product, Oh My Mango Butter needs to be used regularly in order to gain all its skin benefits. You simply cannot expect for your skin to be improved in an instant, after only one application, but don’t worry, this all natural, nature born product is totally safe for everyday use.




Shea butter comes from the nut of the karite shea tree that is indigenous to Africa. Raw, unrefined shea butter contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids. It has a creamy color and a very distinct smell. It has been used for centuries for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

  • Moisturizer

Shea butter has the ability to soothe, hydrate and balance your skin. It is used as a moisturizer for dry skin and eczema, as a dry scalp treatment, for chapped lips and to help soften cracked dry skin on heels, elbows and knees. It is important, according to the American Shea Butter Institute, to make sure unrefined shea butter is used. Raw shea butter maintains its therapeutic qualities and will keep your skin moist and supple, whereas refined, processed shea butter loses almost all of its healing properties. Dr. Robyn Tisdale Scott, a clinical pharmacist, concurs with the American Shea Butter Institute, supporting the claim that unrefined shea butter reverses dry skin in about three days.

  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties that have been known to heal scrapes, cuts and burns; relieve sunburn and rashes; take the sting out of insect bites, and ease the pain from muscle fatigue and arthritis. A study published in a 2010 issue of the “Journal of Oleo Science” by Toshihiro Akihisa and colleagues found that shea fat has significant anti-inflammatory properties. The study showed a remarkable reduction of inflammation in mice suffering from edema. After being given shea fat compounds, the inflammation was reduced by over 45 percent. Another study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology by the Department of Pharmacology at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos concluded that shea butter is an effective nasal decongestant. Participants were given two to four applications of shea butter in the nasal cavity, and within just 12 to 24 hours they showed no signs of inflammation, congestion or nasal damage.

  • Antiaging Properties

Shea butter has been used for centuries as a wrinkle reducer. Shea butter contains essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A and E, which are imperative to maintaining your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. In a clinical study done by Frank Renard, Ph.D., shea butter was found to have significant antiaging properties and was proven to help rebuild and rejuvenate collagen. Participants in this study were given shea butter to use as a balm to massage on their skin for four to eight months. The results showed clearer, brighter skin; less wrinkles; and even less sun damage.


Credit Kimberly Riggins

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