How is Black Soap Manufactured?

Authentic African Black Soap from Ghana

Premium, Organic, Unrefined Hard Black African Soap (Alata Samina). Traditionally manufactured Fair Trade and imported from Ghana, West Africa.

To make the soap, the women of the cooperative village dry the skins of the Plantain fruit to precise texture in the hot African sun first. The skins are then roasted in a clay oven to achieve a particular color, texture and fragrance. The longer the skins are dried, the darker the color of the soap will be.

Next, this base is carefully mixed with palm oil and palm kernal oil to result in the final product. This soft, playdoh like soap is then packaged into air tight plastic bags to preserve the cleansing and medicinal powers of our product. If left exposed to the air, the outside texture of the soap will get hard and eventually lose it’s zap.

Our Exotic Black Unrefined Soap brand soap is what we consider a Universal Cleanser most popular but not limited to skin. This product has been successful to our customers in treating and preventing acne, athletes foot, dandruff, rashes, skin scales and many other hard to treat uncommon skin disorders. Black Soap is very popular with farmers, carpenters, mechanic shops, welders and others who have challenging issues keeping their hands clean. We think the effectiveness of this amazing, all natural, non-prescription alternative to over the counter skin products and synthetic chemical cleaners is amazing! Order now and see if you don’t agree!


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