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Philippe and his wife Joan met in Zaire, got married in Cameroon where Joan had earlier been a Peace Corps Volunteer, welcomed their daughter Maxime in Marietta, Ga and raised her in Niger, Ghana, USA, Senegal and Ghana where they are actually living again.

Joan working in Public Health, Philippe in business and later consulting for NGOs and International organizations, would you believe that they became pretty familiar with the populations, cultures, traditions and resources in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Age coming, with its cortege of wrinkles, dryer skin, blemishes, hair loss, etc.., they were marveling at the local women whose skin remain heathy, smooth and unruffled. By local women, they didn’t mean Gucci shopping urban beauties, they were thinking of the Mamas, Grand-Mas, and Grand-Grand Mamas who spent their life fetching water and cultivating their field under brutal African sun. (Generally speaking, you must know that traditionally African women are supposed to provide for the needs of their household, thus cultivate the field, while men are expected to provide for cash money). How do they keep those virtually flawless skin…? No mystery, they use Shea Butter (beurre de Karite) a pure, raw, natural, unfiltered, organic moisturizer literally breathing life into your complexion!

On a flight with his daughter Maxime from Accra to Brussels where she is a Senior at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, the conversation was going on topics of interest to both daughter and father, ecology,  environment, GMO and resurgence of organic products, and so on. Sometimes  Maxime would remove from her purse a little container and apply a cream on her lips.  To Philippe’s enquiry,  she explained that it was raw Shea Butter, that she bought it at the Farmers Market.

One thing leading to another. The discussion turned to natural skin products, Ghanaian small  farmers, on encouraging them to produce organic, helping them to find safe channels to sell their products, fair trades….until Maxime suggested: ” Dad, why don’t you sell their products in America”? OH MY! That’s an idea!!

Expats commonly say: “If you live in Africa long enough, you’ll leave there a big chunk of your heart…that’s how it all started. Enjoy the OH MY collection of skincare and beauty products.

Philippe Lambert, CEO, Co-founder

Philippe Lambert has extensive experience in organization, administration, finance and strategic planning. A former CEO and Administrator of corporations and NGOs in Europe and Africa, he served as a consultant for major International Organizations, and was appointed as Director in several professional organizations. A macro-economist, Philippe holds a Doctorate of Law.

Chris Saul, President, Co-founder

Prior to co-partnering the launch of Oh My LLC, Chris Saul owned and operated a successful multimillion dollar internet sales company.

Ms. Saul also served in upper management capacity for medical product and services companies including women’s healthcare.  Throughout her career, the most rewarding experience involved opportunity to impact people’s lives and “giving back”.

When my friend Philippe said, “what would you think about……”, it was a no brainer!!

OH MY was born!

OhMy!  logo has a meaning

ohmy logoOur logo contains a visual “Adinkra” symbol. Originally those symbols were created by the Ashanti people of West Africa, they represent concepts or aphorisms (proverb or sentiment).

The symbols have a decorative function but also represent objects that encapsulate evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment. There are many different symbols with distinct meanings, often linked with proverbs.

Asase Ye Duru, the symbol in the “Oh My” logo, is the Adinkra symbol of Asase Ya, the Ashantis Goddess EARTH, wife of Nyame, the Sky.

Asase ye Duru means:The Earth has weight (symbol of providence and the divinity of Mother Earth and this symbol represents the importance of the Earth in sustaining life). Divinity of the Earth. Providence Power/Authority, Wealth and Might.  Ashanti Twi: Tumi nyina ne asase (All power emanates from the earth) and Asase ye duru sen epo (The earth is heavier than the sea).

The Ashanti people regard Asase Ya as Mother Earth, the earth goddess of fertility, the upholder of truth, and the creator Goddess who comes to fetch Ashanti people’s souls to the other world (Planet Jupiter) at the time of death. She is credited as being the nurturer of the earth and is considered to provide sustenance for all.

Worship of the Asase Ya goddess was transported to Jamaica by enslaved Akans.

Credit to Wikipedia as a resource
Logo Credit to Anjanette Meakin Lynch, Sr. Art Director/Designer


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